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KA KnowledgeAccess Leadership Awards Judging Panel

Paul Elmslie, CEO, HealthCert - KA Leadership Award Winner

"We research doctors to understand what our customers want. We've been growing geographically. I'm inspired by making a difference, by innovation and change that benefits others. I'm inspired by the benefits and positive impact we have. We have a very clear vision, mission & core values that we publish in a Culture Handbook for all stakeholders"

Paul Elmslie 

CEO - HealthCert

KA Leadership Award Winner 2018

Who will win this year's KnowledgeAccess Leadership Awards?


Judging Criteria: Vision, Values & Talent/Customer Attraction, Development & Retention

Winners demonstrate great leadership development with a clearly defined vision, inspiring values, and encourage a culture which attracts, develops and retains top talent, partnerships and customer relationships. 

Deadline for Entries - 30th September

The KnowledgeAccess Leadership Awards recognise excellence in Leadership Development. Deadlines for entries are 30th September.

The Judges and Award Sponsors

Announced in September

The Shortlist of Finalists

Announced in October. Judging is on 22nd October. 

The Winners

To be announced 12th November.

More Information on the KA Leadership Awards?

If you believe your company deserves to be recognised for leadership excellence please contact us @JammTrain or @KnowledgeAccess and the entry form will be sent to you. Positively!